Monday, April 01, 2013

Click Here to Find Your Poet Name for National Poetry Month #NPM

Happy Poetry Month!

Here's a website where you can find your very own special Poet Name.

I'm Iolanthe Titwillow.
Um, actually, I think I'll stick with Kelli.

~ Kells

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  1. My Hebrew screen name was given to me by Carmela Cohen when she was in Israel. Our encounter began on Alsop’s Gazebo about 1999, at which time I had a different screen name. We immediately developed a secondary email channel. I believe it was about 03 or 04 on CE Chaffin’s Natter that I was first called Mabool.

    Our email contact has therefore covered 13 or 14 years, until this recent holiday season. That’s only three or four months ago, not a long time considering the vagaries and vicissitudes of this relationship. Yet I fear for the worst. Something is not right.

    Carmela more or less left the web three or four years ago. She used the forums only, never the blogs, and never had her own web page or blog, as I don’t. Carmela itself is a screen name.

    There is a Facebook page under her real name which is not necessarily a good thing.

    Carmela is about 45 years old and lives out your way.

  2. Mine was "Forsythia Proudbosom". I'm sticking with 'Mo'.

  3. Iolanthe Windjammer here. We are almost twins.

  4. Dorcas Albatross. Am I cursed???


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