Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Confession Tuesday

Dear Reader,

I confess I haven't had much to confess recently.  I love boring, the way some people love drama.

Though lately, my mind is spinning, trying to finish things, trying to plan for things, trying to keep things clean, and trying to enjoy.

That's a lot of trying.

So, I'll continue.  Trying and confessing... to the confessional--

I confess I wish I was more of a doer than a trier.

I confess-- give me an afternoon and I will lose myself in a book, in a poem, or in a nap.

I confess I've had quite a bit of synchronicity lately.  It makes me feel connected.

I confess I worry if anyone is reading this.

I confess it's easier to forget I have a blog.

I confess my favorite treat is currently seasalt chocolate.

I confess I'm back to wanting to live/retire in a condo.

I confess I am six years in futures, two days in the past.

I confess it's hard for me to hate people because I have such a poor memory.

I confess sea otters can make me jump out of bed and run down a hill.  This is to see them.  This is not because they are in my bed.  That would be weird.

I confess I'm a little overwhelmed these days. A little and a little more.  But grateful.  And walking into the world with the belief I can find beauty everywhere.


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