Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Confession Tuesday: The Cheese Edition

cheese jacket

Dear Reader,

It's been 6 days of Lent and no sweets or dessert.  What on earth to people eat when they don't have sugar or treats?  I'm so bored of my diet AND I have 2 boxes of unopened Camp Fire Mints in the pantry.  Let's just say I'm eating a lot of vanilla yogurt, raisins, and triple berry bran muffins.

But 34 more days for this nonsense to end... wait, that's not a good attitude...
To the confessional--

I confess I recently wrote this in an email:  My life motto in regards to writing is not to be cheesy.

Looking it over I could have written "regarding" instead of "in regards to," but the point is the same, I am afraid that one I will wake up cheesy.

I guess one just doesn't "wake up cheesy," but as someone who mostly writes poetry, I feel I have one foot in the door to the cheesy world already-- add on a fancy scarf, a whimsical pin and/or hat, and give me a wine spritzer and we've hit the cheese-factor like 7-11 nachos.

We have to be careful--cheesiness is everywhere these days.

And there are so many ways to become cheesy--what separates the George Clooneys from the David Hasselhoffs?  It's hard to name, but I know it when I see it.

And I have huge fear about putting on the cheese jacket.


I confess I just splurged and paid $7 for a small container of "Wee Bries" at the store because I didn't want to drive 30 minutes to Trader Joe's because of my daily habit to cheese.  (Note: Trader Joe's Mini Brie's are my favorite and are a lot less.)


I confess that sometimes I buy cheese because of the name.  Muenster is an appropriate example of this.


I confess my family and I have been watching Modern Family and we have two favorite lines, this is one of them--

The other is--

"It's a freak show, but it's *their* freak show!"

This last one has been great as a reminder not to worry what other people are doing.  And it's fun to say.


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