Friday, June 03, 2011

Hold on Tight, Ladies! The Summer is Arriving...

Okay, if you live in the Northwest where I do, you might be saying that I am an incredible optimist in writing "Summer is Arriving" as there has really only been one or two days this spring when it a) hasn't been raining  b) we could actually see blue sky  c) it's been above 60.

So, last night I put on my turtleneck, wool sweater and wool hat (yes, sadly, this is normal June entire in the NW) and went for a walk.

Things I saw on my walk--

1) a deer
2) a seal
3) a giant birthday balloon

No, I do not live in the zoo, though to the average reader, it might appear so.

But in going for the walk I realize that my "Summer Hours" on my computer must begin for me now.

I realize that I have been spending WAY too much time inside and/or on my computer than outside.  Today despite the weather I will either go mountain biking or for a hike.  I need to clear my head.  And oddly, I need to do less.

So what does this mean?

Less is the New More:  As I said in an earlier post and have sort of done, but I'll be posting less frequently.  But definitely on Confession Tuesdays, so if you're feeling as if you need a Book of Kells kick, visit me here on Tuesdays for sure.

Postcards from the Outside - I do hope to email into this blog from the outside world.  I did this one summer before and it was a good time.  I'd email photos in of what was going on or what I was seeing.   And while a few postcards arrived as just visual images and not words, due to my inability to figure out a simple email format, I still enjoyed keeping touch that way.

As I type this, this post feels oddly familiar, like the post I typed a few weeks ago overly excited about the summer.  It's been a long December here in the Northwest, but weather report is predicting sun and I think I need it.  I am too close to becoming a vampire (when was the last time I saw sun), a vampire in a turtleneck wearing a wool hat and watching seals...
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