Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Drinking Wine from Chocolate Cups (a Pre-Lenten Memory)

So a few of you wanted to know more about the chocolate cups I had the other night.

Here they looked very much like these, except ours weren't in gold wrappers:

I believe the ones we had were dark chocolate (these above look like milk to me...of course, I love milk chocolate so I'm happy either way.)

And the dessert wine was from a small local winery, Eleven, where we got the port called "Sweet Sarah" (get the wordplay there, Sweet Syrah...)  (More info about the owners here.)

I found some on Amazon for $11.95 for 12 (see below).  I paid $5 for 5, so they seem to be about a dollar a cup.  Though I bet you could make these at home for less.

Dobla Dark Belgian Chocolate Cordial & Toasting CupsDobla Dark Belgian Chocolate Cordial & Toasting Cups

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