Monday, January 24, 2011

Why I was late for the Twitter #poetparty. . .

Me, Lana Ayers, & Susan Rich at Eagle Harbor Books on an island in Puget Sound

Every Sunday Night, Deb Ager  hosts an event on Twitter for poets, the hashtag (Twitter term) to find it is #poetparty (basically put this in the search and you can find the conversation.)

I came in quite late, so wasn't really part of the conversation, but the good thing is it happens every Sunday night (6 pm PST or 9 pm EST) on Twitter.

I had just arrived from an incredible reading with Lana Ayers & Susan Rich where we read poems on the theme of "Possibility."  Lana read from her new book, A New Red (poems about Red Riding Hood) and Susan from her new book, The Alchemist's Kitchen.

Two quotes I wrote down spoken by the other poets were these--

Lana Ayers (from one of her Red Riding Hood poems):  "If you are hungry, eat desire."

Susan Rich (from her intro to a poem she wrote to me about writing in her studio House of Sky): "A friend said that 'we improvise jazz' and we thought we were writing..."

A lovely evening all around.

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