Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quote of the Day

From Jessie on my blog post on Confession Tuesday about Marketing Books--

i confess i want people to read my poetry book when it comes out but i also confess that i do become tired of people who only ever market their book and never want to discuss anything with you (via blog, facebook whatever the source is) except their book.

there is nothing worse than meeting a writer at a gathering of some sort and the only thing they do is say hello and shove their book into your hands. can i at least get a little foreplay? like a how are you?

Yes! Give us some foreplay before you expect us to sleep with you (and your book!) Sheesh, if you're going to request a threesome, then at least pretend to be interested in us.

* * *

Poets/Bloggers who I think are the example of how to market their books while still being interesting incredible people & poets--

January Gill O'Neil, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Sandra Beasley, Mary Biddinger, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Susan Rich, Alison Stine, Martha Silano, Ivy Alvarez, Suzanne Frischkorn (who has the best author photo), Rebecca Loudon, Oliver de la Paz, Peter Pereira, C.Dale Young. (There are more, but these were the folks who came into my head first...)

I am not sure why there are more women than men. Part of me thinks this is because I am a woman and I look for other women on how to be a good example. Another part of me thinks that it could be because women are just awesome. But so are men.

Maybe men tend to a be a little more heavy handed? I'm not sure. I'm going to think about my favorite male poets with blogs and books and see who comes to mind. Do notice I have three fabulous gentlemen in the list - Peter, C. Dale, & Oliver.

But yes, this group above would be a quick list of poets I feel do a great job of sharing their work with readers AND not making feel as if they are desperate to sell their books. They've all got a good coolness about them-- here's my book, if you want it, fantastic. If not, not loss. (Well, they aren't thinking that, but I am.)

More later, I must meet with 2 other editors in an hour to discuss poems for the next issue of CCR and I have not showered. Nice.

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