Sunday, November 29, 2009

Finding Old Morning Pages, Some Writing Prompts, & How Revision Can Make Things Worse

I found an old document called "Morning Pages," I did last year when I was doing the Artist Way with some friends.

You can get some interesting lines for your work from old journals. You can also get perspective on things. For example, all the things I was freaking out about last year are forgotten memories. All the anxiety I had, concerns, worries-- to be honest, I didn't remember most of them.

That is such a lesson to me. They always say when you're upset to think, "Will this make a difference in my life 5 years from now?" "They" are so smart with their advice.

Anyway, back to my journal/morning pages. Here are some interesting lines I found in them. Feel free to use them as a writing prompt for yourself if you like...

These were a few that amused me--

You have to be smart in this world, in this economy; you have to have something to rely on. I’m wondering if I missed the part on Debra Winger.

I just read that Paul Newman died. he’s on my dressing.

It’s called the Nature of Personal Reality, I found it in the garbage.

I romanticize Irish firefighters.

I had a dream but I can’t remember it, I remember crossing out the word “simultaneously.”

I don’t want mom hair, sing it with me.


And for the writers out there, I found this little insight to my revision process:

I am working on my mss and it’s a pain and a half. I revised it making it terrible, making it worse, but in an act of non-genius, came back last night and saved it. I think I saved it.

This could be a whole other blog post on how we can over-revise our work. Maybe I'll save that for later.

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