Sunday, November 15, 2009


Teena in Toronto reminded me that today is Blog-o-versary! Thank you, Teena! I had missed that!

Yes, Book of Kells has been here since 2006. Amazing.

My first post was on poet Reetika Vazirani and said absolutely nothing, but provided a link.

In looking back, it kind of looks like Book of Kells just dropped from the sky.

But it didn't. I had a blog I kept for about 2 years before that I deleted it. Jeannine calls it a case of online shyness, which I think it was, but note to all of you, if you ever decide to delete your blog- save yourself a copy.

I've been able to return to it through the WayBack Machine, but it's still missing photos and I don't think it's all there. Bummer. And lesson learned.

And even before that I kept a LiveJournal acct from 2003-2004.
Oh we were all so young then and unconnected.

I remembering buying a laptop in 2003 or 2004 and having the option for "wi-fi" - I remember thinking, what's that and why would I need it? Oops. Not necessarily the techie visionary.

* * *

But yes, three years of Book of Kells today. Time to look forward, not back.

What 3 things I hope to give you over the next three years (and hopefully more than once)--

1) Useful content related to poetry, writing and the writing life

2) A good feeling, a smile, something positive in your life

3) More confessions (it seems some of you really like these) ;-)

What I want to say to you--

Thank you for reading and/or following this blog.
Thank you for your comments and responses.
Thank you for showing up even if you never say anything. (I know you're out there, I see your numbers...- she said, not trying to sound Big Brotherish).

I will try to find ways to continue to improve this blog because I appreciate your support and readership.

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