Monday, August 24, 2009


Yesterday I posted on books that inspire me, but I thought I'd go a little more personal and let you know my routines, rituals, and how I find inspirations when I feel there is none.

My routine--

When I'm in my "practicing writer" life, which goes from September-May/Junish (depending on the weather). On my writing days, this is the schedule I try to keep for myself. Because I'm a Capricorn, I can be a little heavy on the "planning" of life. Humor me here...

My schedule on a writing day--

Wake up 7ish (note: though I consider myself a night person something odd has been happening in me causing me to wake up at 6ish)

7ish- Have breakfast turn on computer (I have breakfast before I do anything else)

7ish-7:30: Have Total cereal, read emails, read blogs (This is my quiet time...)

7:30-8:30: Breakfast for other family members & pets, life's details, dishes, listen to NPR in the background, shower.

8:30-9: Make lunch for my daughter, leave for school.

9ish - drop daughter off at school, either go to the gym/ride bike/walk dog or a combo of all of the above. Something physical, if I'm aching to write, I skip it (and throw in yoga, walking the dog, etc. in the evening).

10 ish/10:30 - Write. If I'm good, I don't get lost in email. If I'm really good, I go to the poems, essay, creative writing first. If I'm having trouble creating new work, I revise, work on Crab Creek Review projects or submit work.

Noon- lunch with husband if he's home, lunch alone in writing shed if he's not.

Noon-4 Continue writing and try not to get lost in distractions.

4-9:30: Life, family, writing group, yoga, dinner, commitments.

9:30: When the family sleeps, I write and finish the things I neglected. A lot of creative new work comes out of this time. It is when my writing is the strongest. I think many of my best poems have been written at this time. It is a time when nothing is asked of me, I have no upcoming commitments, anyone I need to pick up, nothing I need to do. Even sleep is optional when I'm working hard at night.

I feel completely at peace as a writer at night. The noise of the world quiets and I can get the most done.

I think the hardest part of the writing life is balance. Whether it's parenting, a full-time or part-time job, there is always something that will take us away. But that's always the way, with anything we do. So we work with it.
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