Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Confession Tuesday

Dear Reader, It's seems as if it's been forever since my last confession, but it's only been 7 days. Seven days of an emotional rollercoaster, full of excitement, worry, faith, ego and self-doubt. I worked hard. I did a lot. I feel satisfied and forgetful of all that I've done. That was a pre-confession, but let's get to the real deal, the mashed potatoes and steak that confession Tuesdays are all about--

I was amused to learn that my friends see me as a Type A, extrovert person because if you asked me, I'd say I was a Type B, introvert. I see myself as someone who draws energy from being alone and not from large groups of people. But I definitely see what they see too and probably have a little (or a lot) of both.

If I was a type from the book on the Queen Bee book of teenage girls, I would be considered a "floater," even today because I am comfortable with many different groups of people and situations (meaning, I'm just as comfortable at her solstice party wearing hemp & Birkenstocks as I am at his country club in loafers.)

My personality is messy and I'm okay with that.

Yesterday on a walk a bee hit me in the forehead and flew off. I also had a bee land in my bike helmet, it was okay. I worry a lot about bees being safe.

There are other more emotionally balanced people, I am not one of them.

Even though I have not said a lot, this confession is taking longer than most.

One thing I dislike about the internet is that people will say things anonymously that they would never say to someone's face.

One thing I like about the internet is being able to connect with poets and writers in different places, people I would not have known without it.

The birds and baby birds start singing at 4 a.m. and even though they wake me, I love them.

We are less anonymous than we think.

I got a speeding ticket for going 52 in a 35 mph zone. When the cop asked me if I knew how fast I was going, I said, "Fast." He lowered the ticket for me, but I still got a ticket (to be honest, I deserved it, I was speeding and I think it was a good reminder for me to slow down and stop rushing).

This is the 2nd time I've received a ticket going to visit Jeannine. The last one was $250. This one was $154. Thank goodness our friendship is worth more than $404 or I'd be bummed. It may seem as if I get a lot of tickets, but I've only rec'd 2 since living here...and both have been on my lunch dates with Jeannine. Next lunch date, I'll have someone else drive.

I ate too much homemade whipped cream yesterday and skipped yoga this morning. I'm not the poster girl for good health these days, but I'm happy.

A poet is coming over by ferry and bike to visit me. I'm off to buy us something for lunch. See you...

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