Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Confession Tuesday

Today's a writing day for me, so let's get right to the confessing this morning...

Focus: Things that Amaze

1) This is the last week I have in my 30's as this Friday, I will somehow manage to become 40 (seriously, I don't know how this happened, well, I do. But I don't.) My twenties were all about figuring out who I was and what I wanted to do. My 30's were about having a child and figuring how to balance being a mother and a writer. My 40's? I hope they are not about figuring anything out, but just being.

A friend of mine turned 40 last year and I asked her what she thought of it. She said she was looking forward to it because she would no longer be in her *late* thirties, but in her *early* forties. She said it kind of felt as if she was going to be the young one in the group again. She has a very positive outlook in the world

2) Sometimes what is supposed to be bad news turns out to be good news, and sometimes I'm always amazed how things fall into place. Of course, things can also be a disaster and I'm completely amazed at that too.

3) Twitter. I don't understand what Twitter is. Why does one Twitter? I don't think I get it. What's it for? Is it a mini blog or sentences about your day? Should I continue to be Twitterless? (That almost sounds nasty to me.) Anyone want to share?

4) I'm always amazed when I'm completely unaware of something then to find out it exists and there's this whole other world that others know about and I am hanging out my laundry and washing my dishes by hand. Twitter is that. Facebook was that. For the longest time people kept talking about Tivo and I thought the Jackson 5 were getting back together.

5) The night sky. The red sunrises over the Cascades. Seeing the same heron near the mudflats and the kingfisher on the powerline. That I can turn a knob and get hot water. How houses are built or bigger, bridges. Someone's path from point A to point B. That the voting booths *weren't* rigged. That at anytime in your life, if you really want to, you can call a "do-over."

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